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Shutter components, shutter parts, Welland Shutters
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Shutter components---Plantation shutters are commonly referred to as "the ultimate window covering". Their versatility makes them appropriate for both traditional and contemporary decors. Always popular due to high resale value, effective insulation, ability to regulate and block light, and remarkably good looks. Our shutter components are made of basswood and poplar and are available with natural, white primed, white painted finishes. The maximum length is 13ft.  We can cut these shutter components to size as per customers' requirements. These shutter components include shutter louvers, shutter stiles, shutter rods, shutter top bottom rails. 
Shutter components, all kinds of shutter components and shutter parts

Wood shutter Shutter louver Shutter stiles

Shutter rods Shutter top / bottom rails  Shutter stiles
Shutter components

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